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still sending routine telemetry data out. Nothing important, far as we can tell, just telling Ivan that its still up there. Page 78 The solar panels must still be working, the Colo junior ray ban eyeglasses nel observed. The heat came from internal power. The solar panels must still be working, the Colonel observed. The heat came from i junior ray ban eyeglasses nternal power. The mirrors in the laser-transmitter array tracked slowly, but the movement was discernible on the six television screens that monitored them. A low-power laser reflected off one mirror, reaching out to find the target . . . In addition to aiming the whole system, it made a high-resolution image on the command console. The identity of the target was now confirmed. The chief engineer turned the key that enabled the entire system. Bright Star was now fully out of human

part of her psyche took note of the fact that whatever test Al was explaining hadnt been American. And there werent too many people doing tests that this particular little geek had to explain. Bea didnt understand what Candi saw in Al Gregory. Love, she told herself, is blind, not to mention deaf and dumbespecially dumb. Poor, plain Candi Long, she could have done so much better. If only shed been able to room with Candi at school . . . if only there were a way to let her know . . . Whens Al going to be back? Maybe tonight. Hes going to call. Ill take his car. He left it at the lab. Put a towel over the seat before you sit junior ray ban eyeglasses in it. She chuckled. Gregory drove a Chevy Citation. The perfect car for a geek, Bea junior ray ban eyeglasses Taussig thought. It was filled with the cellophane wrappers from Hostess Twinkies,

shop, and after junior ray ban eyeglasses two perfunctory days of surveillance, hed decided to bring the man in for interrogation. They didnt use the tank on him. The Colonel still did not trust the technique, and besides, there was no need to go easy on him. It annoyed Vatutin that Vaneyeva now had a chance junior ray ban eyeglasses to remain freefree, after working for enemies of the State! Somebody wanted to use her as a bargaining chip for something or other with the Central Committee, but that was not the Colonels concern. Now the dry-cleaner had given him a description of another member of this endless chain. And the annoying part was that Vatutin thought he knew the boy! The dry-cleaner had soon told him of his suspicion that he worked at the baths, and the description matched the attendant whom he himself had talked to!

here, but it was a mistake to get too friendly with people inMoscow. You might forget that they were the enemy. She worried that Eddie was getting the same sort of indoctrination that shed gotten, but from the wrong direction. Well, that was easily remedied, she told herself. In storage at home she had a photograph of the Czarevich Aleksey, autographed to his favorite teacher. All junior ray ban eyeglasses she really had to do was explain how hed died. The drive to the arena was the routine one, with Eddie getting ever more hyper as game time approached. He was tied as the leagues third leading scorer, only six points behind the junior ray ban eyeglasses lead center for the team they were playing tonight, and Eddie wanted to show Ivan Whoeverhewas that Americans could beat Russians at their Page 189 own game.own game. Her place was

know that, then you also know that I gave them the information they wanted, and they left happy. Youre sure of that? Of course I am. I didnt do anything wrong and I have the records to prove it, Ryan insisted, perhaps a little too forcefully, the reporter thought. He loved it when people drank t junior ray ban eyeglasses oo much. In vino veritas . Thats not what my sources tell me, Browning persisted. Well, I cant help that! Ryan said. There was emotion in junior ray ban eyeglasses his voice now, and a few heads turned. Maybe if it wasnt for people like you, we might have an intelligence agency that worked, observed a newcomer. And who the fuck are you! Ryan said before he turned. Act I, Scene 2. Congressman Trent, the reporter said. Trent was on the House Select Committee. I think an apology is owed, Trent said. He looked drunk. What for?

Clipperit allowed someone like this inside!her agent had broken every rule there was in coming here. You cannot stay long. I know. She blew her nose. Theyve about finished the first draft of the junior ray ban eyeglasses new program. The Geek has cut it down by eighty thousand lines of codetaking out all that AI stuff rea junior ray ban eyeglasses lly made a difference. You know, I think he has the new stuff memorizedI know, I know, thats impossible, even for that . When will you be able I dont know. Taussig smiled for a second. You ought to have him working for you. I think hes the only one who really understands the whole programI mean, the whole project. Unfortunately all we have is you, Bisyarina didnt say. What she did was very hard. She reached out and took Taussigs hand. The tears started again. Beatrice nearly leaped into Tanias arms.

ramp. He was on the upward, sweeping curve and was looking at the traffic on the interstate when he saw lights flashing in the grille of the black car behind him. The headlights blinked at him, and he knew what would come next. Dont panic, he told himself. He didnt have to say anything to his comrades. Bob didnt even consider making a run for it. Theyd been briefed on this, too. American police are courteous and professional. They didnt demand payment on the spot, as the Moscow traffic police did. He also knew that American cops were armed with Magnum revolvers. Bob pulled hisPlymouthover just beyond the overpass and waited. As he watched his mirror, the police junior ray ban eyeglasses car stopped behind his, slightly more to the left. He could see the officer getting out, c junior ray ban eyeglasses arrying a clipboard in his left hand.

about, looking for indications that the other side was cheating, assembling missiles at a secret location, hiding them in odd places for a junior ray ban eyeglasses surprise attack. Theyd find such ind junior ray ban eyeglasses ications, Page 343 write interim warning reports, and try to run the information down. Institutional paranoia would last longer than the weapons themselves. Treaties wouldnt change that, despite all the euphoria in the papers. Jack shifted his eyes to the Soviet who was doing the talking.write interim warning reports, and try to run the information down. Institutional paranoia would last longer than the weapons themselves. Treaties wouldnt change that, despite all the euphoria in the papers. Jack shifted his eyes to the Soviet who was doing the talking. Not that we mind, of course. Once the agreement went throughand