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newest and most secure officefor the nations newest and least secure military program. Here Gregory took out his other pass. He showed i junior ray ban aviators t to the four people at the security desk, then held it against the wall panel that interrogated its electromagnetic coding and decided that the Major could enter. This took him through a waiting room to double glass doors. He smiled at the receptionist as he went through, then at General Parkss secretary. She nodded back, but was annoyed to be staying so late and was not in a smiling mood. Neither was Lieutenant General Bill Parks. junior ray ban aviators His spacious office included a desk, a low table for coffee and Page 83 intimate talks, and a larger conference table. The walls were covered with framed photographs of various space activities, along with numerous models of

in fuel when the plane had hit the ground, and were burned beyond recognition. Still, the troops had assembled the pieces for nearly-all the bodies. All but three, that is, and the forensic experts would have to determine who was surely dead and who junior ray ban aviators was still missing. They were not normally so solicitous for the victims of an airline crashthe An-26 had technically been part of Aeroflot rather than the Soviet Air Forcebut a full effort was being made in this case. The missing Captain was part of the KGBs Ninth Guards Directorate, an administrative officer whod been making a tour of the region, checking up on personnel and sec junior ray ban aviators urity activities at certain sensitive areas. His travel documents included some highly sensitive papers, but, more important, he had intimate knowledge of numerous KGB

his file this morning. And? This question came from Vatutins boss. Nothing at all that I can point to. I hadnt known of his involvement in the Penkovskiy case . . . Vatutin stopped, and for once his face showed something. Page 155 Something is troubling you, Colonel, Gerasimov observed. What is it? Something is troubling you, Colonel, Gerasimov observed. What is it? Wasnt Filitov the first witness against him? ask junior ray ban aviators ed the head of the Second Directorate. Hed actually worked on the fringes of the case. Vatutin nodded. Thats right, but it was after we already had the spy under surveillance. He stopped for another moment. As I said, an odd coincidence. We are now after a suspected courier who was running defense data. I saw him standing next to a senior Defense Ministry official, who junior ray ban aviators was

excited, the photographer replied. How quickly will you have the film developed? Two hours. Get moving, the senior man said. Did you see anything? the remaining officer asked his boss. No, I dont think so. Weve watched her for nearly two hours, and she acts like a typical American parent who gets too worked up at an athletic match, but just happens to attract the attention of th junior ray ban aviators e Defense Minister and the main susp junior ray ban aviators ect of a treason case. I think thats enough, Comrade, dont you? What a grand game this is . . . Two hours later, over a thousand black-and-white photographs were laid on the officers desk. The camera was a Japanese one that put a time reference on the lower edge, and the KGB photographer was as good as any newspaper professional. Hed shot almost continuously, stopping only long

Ryans wary look was replaced briefly with one of measureme junior ray ban aviators nt. You have junior ray ban aviators that one right. So, my friendwhat will they do to you? Jack let out a long breath as he focused his eyes down the corridor. I have to get a lawyer this week. I suppose hell know. Id hoped to avoid that. I thought I could talk my way out of it, butbut this new bastard in SEC, a pansy thatTrent Another breath. Trentused his influence to get the job for him. How much you want to bet that the two of them . . . I find myself in agreement with you. If one must have enemies, they should at least be enemies you can respect. And CIA cannot help you? I dont have many friends therewell, you know that. Moved up too fast, richest kid on the block, Greers fair-haired boy, my connections with the Brits. You make enemies that way, too.

across the slippery street toward a red brick building with what looked like a metal roof. Ryan wasnt sure what it was until they turned the corner. It had evidently just come in, and there was snow on the first step. Ryan slipped and would have fallen had not one of the KGB men c junior ray ban aviators aught his .arm. He gave Jack a look that in the West would have been accompanied by a smile, but the Russians are not a smiling people except when they want to be. He went up again, his hands firm on junior ray ban aviators the safety rails. All you have to do . . . Good evening, a voice called. Not very loudly, but it didnt have to be. Ryan squinted in the darkness and saw the glowing orange light of a cigarette. He took a deep breath and walked toward it. Chairman Gerasimov, I presume? You do not recognize me? A trace of amusement. The

street? He asked himself. Why was I in a hurry? Why was I excited when I didnt have to be? It was time to be excited now. His car had three bullet holes in it, two on the left side and one in the trunk lid. His drivers license was in the hands of the police, and that carried his photograph. You wont get a teaching post at the academy this way,Tovarishch. He smiled to himself grimly. He was in a safe house. He had that mu junior ray ban aviators ch consolation. It might even be safe for a day or two. This junior ray ban aviators was clearly Captain Bisyarinas bolt-hole, never intended to be more than a place where the officer could hide out if forced to run. Because of that, it had no telephone, and he had no way of communicating with the local resident officer. What if she doesnt come back? That was clear enough. Hed have to risk driving

there?there were also some additional questions to ask, and Vatutin went to the bottom of his list. His initial interrogation report was due on Gerasimovs desk the following day. The climb took all night in total darkness. The clouds that had swept in from the south covered both moon and stars, and the only illumination was from the perimeter lights of their objective, reflected off the clouds. Now they were within easy sight of it. Still a sizable march, they were close enough that th junior ray ban aviators e individual units could be briefed on their tasks, and could see what they junior ray ban aviators had to do. The Archer picked for himself a high spot and rested his binoculars on a rock to steady them as he surveyed the site. There seemed to be three encampments. Only two of them were fenced, though at the third he could make out