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least, it had looked like a Page 82 meteors fiery track across the sky at first. But the thin golden line had hung there, and actually marched upwardvery quickly, but it had been discernible.meteors fiery track across the sky at first. But the thin golden line had hun how much are ray ban aviators g there, and actually marched upwardvery quickly, but it had been discernible.6. One if by Land ITwas dark when he arrived. Gregorys driver came off theGeorge Washington Parkwaytoward the Pentagons Mall entrance. The guard raised the gate, allowing the nondescript government Fordthe Pentagon was buying Fords this yearto proceed up the ramp, loop around the handful of parked cars, and drop him off at the steps right behind a sh how much are ray ban aviators uttle bus. Gregory knew the routine well enough: show the guard the pass, walk through the metal

But that was in the future, and he still had the present to worry about. So how was the reception? she asked for the benefit of the wall microphones. The usual crap, was the recorded answer. 9. Opportunities BEATRICETaussig didnt make up a report, though she considered the slip Candi had made significant. Cleared for nearly everything that happened at Los Alamos National Laboratory, she hadnt been told about an unscheduled test, and while some SDI work was being done inEuropeandJapan, none of it required Al Gregory as an interpreter. That made it Russian, and if theyd flown how much are ray ban aviators the little geek to Washingtonand, she remembered, hed left his car at the lab; so theyd sent him a helicopter, tooit had to have been something big. Sh how much are ray ban aviators e didnt like Gregory, but she had no reason to doubt the quality of

wrote up a report, but the first verbal warning shut him up, and he finished his tour of duty without further incident. The report w how much are ray ban aviators as enough to deny him a factory job, and hes floated from one menial assignment to another. Co-workers describe him as ordinary but how much are ray ban aviators fairly quiet. Exactly what a spy should be, of course. He has never once referred to his troubles inAfghanistan, even when drinking. His flat is under surveillance, as are all of his family members and friends. If we dont have him very quickly, well know hes a spy. But well get him, and I will talk to him myself. Gerasimov nodded thoughtfully. I see you used the new interrogation technique on this Vaneyeva woman. What do you think of it? Interesting. Certainly it worked in this case, but I must say that I have misgivings about

Ministers amusement was tempered by the realization that hed have to write up a contact report on this tomorrow. Well, he had Misha as a witness that theyd discussed nothing untoward. She grabbed Filitov next. I told you you were good luck! My God, are all American hockey fans like this? Misha asked, disengaging himself. Her how much are ray ban aviators hand had touched his for a half-imaginary fraction of a second, and the three film cassettes were inside the glove. He felt them Page 193 there and was amazed that it had been done so skillfully. Was she a p how much are ray ban aviators rofessional magician?there and was amazed that it had been done so skillfully. Was she a professional magician? Maybe we should have more Americans around, Yazov conceded. Hell, I wish my wife were as lively as this one! You have a fine son, and if he plays against

. . . man in question is now in such a camp. Platonov didnt say that he had refused to cooperate with the KGB, and so earned his sentence. Why confuse the issue? he thought. You can have him with my blessings. We have enough of them over here, Jack growled. He felt thoroughly awful; his eyes were pounding to escape from his head as a result of all the wine and insufficient sleep. So I have noticed. And may we have the SEC also? Platonov asked. Yo how much are ray ban aviators u know, I didnt do anything wrong. Not a damned thing! I got a tip from a friend and I followed up on it. I didnt go looking for it, it just happened how much are ray ban aviators . So I made a few bucksso what? I write intelligence briefs for the President! Im good at itand theyre coming after me! After all the Ryan stopped and stared painfully into Platonovs eyes. So what the

toward the door. He nearly stopped dead on leaving the room. No one inside could have known it, but the corridor had been cleared. Except for one man at the far end, who gestured once. Ryan walked toward h how much are ray ban aviators im. Oh, shit. Here we go . . . He was a youngish man, on the short side of thirty. He looked like the physical type. Though his build was concealed by an overcoat, he moved in the brisk, efficient way of an athlete. His facial expression and penetrating eyes made him a bodyguard. The best thought that came to Ryan was that he was supposed how much are ray ban aviators to appear nervous. It didnt require much In the way of talent to do so. The man took him around the corner and handed him a Russian-made overcoat and fur hat, then spoke a-single word: Come. He led Ryan down a service corridor and out into the cold air

fastest. Candi answered a knock on the door and was surprised to see a policeman standing there. He asked politely if he could see Major Al Gregory, and was told that he wasnt home by a young woman whose numbed jaw was coming ba how much are ray ban aviators ck to normal as the world around her began to shatter. Shed scarcely gotten the news when Tea Clippers security chief pulled up. She was a mere spectator as a radio call was sent out to look for Als car, too shocked even to cry. The license photo of Bob Taylor was already inWashington, being examined by members of the FBIs counterintelligence branch, but it wasnt in their file of identified Soviet officers. The Assistant Director who ran counterintel ops was called in from hisAlexandriahome by the senior watch off how much are ray ban aviators icer. The AD in turn called FBI director Emil Jacobs,

It was too bad abou how much are ray ban aviators t his officers inwherever the place wasbut they had failed, and earned their fates. He lifted his phone and ordered his private secretary to arrange for his wife and daughter to fly the following morning to Talinn, the capital of theEstonian Soviet Socialist Republic. Yes, they would need a car and a driver also. No, just one. The driver would double as their security guard. Not many people knew who his wife was, and the trip was unscheduled, just to see old friends. Very good. Gerasimov hung up his phone and looked around his office. Hed miss it. Not so much the office itself: the power. But he knew that hed miss his life more. And this Colonel Bondaren how much are ray ban aviators ko? Vatutin asked. A fine young officer. Very bright. Hell make a good general when the time comes. Vatutin wondered