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detector, then down the corridor filled with state flags, past the cafeteria, and down the ramp to the shoppin gradient ray ban g arcade lit and decorated in the style of a 12th-century dungeon. In fact, Gregory had played Dungeons and Dragons in high school, and his first trip to the dreary polygon of a building had convinced him that the authors inspiration had come from this very place. The Strategic Defense Initiative Office was beneath the Pentagons shopping concourse its entrance, in fact, directly under the pastry shop, a space ab gradient ray ban out a thousand feet long that had previously been the bus and taxi standbefore the advent of car bombs had persuaded the nations defense community that automobiles were not all that fine a thing to have under the E-ring. This portion of the building, therefore, was the

his brain. She wondered what the test was, but she wasnt cleared for what the Russians were up to, and gradient ray ban her curiosity was disciplined. It had to be. What she was doing was dangerous. But that was part of the fun, wasnt it? She smiled to herself. That leaves three unaccounted for. Behind the Afghans, the Russians were sifting through the wreckage of Page 119 the An-26. The man talking was a KGB major. Hed never seen an air crash before, and only the cold air on his face had kept him from losing his breakfast.the An-26. The man talking was a KGB major. Hed never seen an air crash before, and only the cold air on his face had k gradient ray ban ept him from losing his breakfast. Still missing, I think. The aircrafts fuselage had broken into several pieces. Those passengers in the forward section had been bathed

placing her back on the street. That was my decision, in case no one told you, Gerasimov said offhandedly. Given the sensitivity of this case, and the doctors recommendation, I think that the gamble is one worth taking for the moment. Do you agree that we shouldnt call too much attention to the case? Charges against her remain open. Oh, and you can use it against her father, cant you? Her disgrace is his also, and what father would want to see his only child in the GULAG? Nothing like a little blackmail, is there, Comrade Chairman?The case is certainly sensitive, and is likely to get more so, Vatutin replied carefully. Go on. The one time I saw this gradient ray ban Altunin fellow, he was standing beside Colonel Mikhail Semyonovich Filitov. Misha gradient ray ban Filitov, Yazovs aide? The same, Comrade Chairman. I reviewed

us in the Olympi gradient ray ban cs, I will forgive him, gradient ray ban He was rewarded with a beaming smile. Thats such a nice thing to say . I hope he kicks your commie asses all the way back to Moskva.If there was anything she couldnt stand, it was being patronized. Eddie got two more points tonight, and that Ivan Somebody didnt get any! Are you really that competitive, even with childrens games? Yazov asked. Mary Pat slipped, just a little, so fast that her brain couldnt keep up with the automatic reply; Show me a good loser, and Ill show you a loser. She paused, then covered the mistake. Vince Lombardi, a famous American coach, said that. Excuse me, you must think me nekulturny . Youre right, this is just a game for children. She smiled broadly. In your face! Did you see anything? A foolish woman who gets overly

hell do you c gradient ray ban are? Ever since we first met atGeorgetownsome years ago, frankly I have admired you. That business with the terrorists. I do not agree with your political views, as you gradient ray ban plainly do not agree with mine. But as one man to another, you took some vermin off the street. You may choose to believe this or not, but I have argued against State support for such animals. True Marxists who want to free their peoplesyes, we should support them in any way we canbut bandits are murderers, they are mere scum who view us as a source of arms, nothing more. My country gains nothing by it. Politics aside, you are a man of courage and honor. Of course 1 respect that. It is a pity that your country does not. America only places its best men on pedestals so that lesser ones can use them as targets.

of an alley. Another man was waiting outside, watching. He nodded curtly to Ryans escort, who turned once and waved for Jack to hurry. The alley ended on ShabolovkaStreet, and both men turned right. This part of town was old, Jack saw at once. The buildings were mostly pre-revolution. The center of the street had trolley tracks embedded in cobblestones, and overhead were the catenary wires that supplied power to the s gradient ray ban treetcars. He watched as one rumbled past Page 272 actually it was two trams linked together, the colors white over red. Both men sprinted across the slippery street toward a red brick building wit gradient ray ban h what looked like a metal roof. Ryan wasnt sure what it was until they turned the corner.actually it was two trams linked together, the colors white over red. Both men sprinted

who arrived at theHooverBuildingat two in the morning. They could scarcely believe it, but the wounded police officer positively identified the ph gradient ray ban otograph of Major Alan T. Gregory. The Soviets had never committed a violent crime in theUnited States. This rule was so well established that the most senior Soviet defecto gradient ray ban rs, if they wished, were able to live openly and without protection. But this was even worse than the elimination of a person who was, under Soviet law, a condemned traitor. An American Page 307 citizen had been kidnapped; to the FBI, kidnapping is a crime hardly different from murder.citizen had been kidnapped; to the FBI, kidnapping is a crime hardly different from murder. BobLeonid sat by himself, drinking tepid coffee. Why didnt I just keep going and make a U-turn down the

how his final report would handle that issue. There was no suspicion about that man, except for his gradient ray ban association with Filitov. But there had been no suspicion about Filitov, despite his connection with Oleg Penkovskiy. Colonel Vatutin shook his head in amazement. That fact would gradient ray ban be talked about in security classes for a generation. Why didnt they see? the young officer-trainees would demand. How could anyone be so stupid? Because only the most trusted people can be spiesyou dont give classified information to someone you cannot trust. The lesson was as it had always been: Trust no one. Coming back to Bondarenko, he wondered what would happen to him. If he were the loyal and exceptional officer he seemed to be, then he should not be tainted by this affair. Butthere was always a but , wasnt