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from pure Carbon-12thats an isotopic form of regular carbon, and its perfect for us. The problem is energy absorption, Gregory went on. If the surface retains much of the light, the heat energy can blast the coating right off the glass, then the mirror blows apart. I watched a half-meter mirror let go once. Sounded like God snapping His fingers. With C-12 diamond you have a material thats almost a superconductor of heat. It permits increased power density, and a smaller mirror. General Electric just learned how to make gemstone-quality dia gold aviator ray ban mond out of Carbon-12. Candis already working to see how we can make a mirror out of it. Ryan looked through his thirty pages of notes, then ru gold aviator ray ban bbed his eyes. Major, with the Generals permission, youre coming up toLangleywith me. I want you to brief our

since they must invariably outsmart the most formidable resources of their own countries. Svetlana actually enjoyed living on the jagged edge of life and death, though she did not know why. She also believed that her highly placed fathera senior Central Committee membercould protect her from anything. After all, his influence enabled her to travel to Page 124 Western Europe two or three times a year, didnt it? A pompous man, her father, but Svetlana was his only child, the mother of his only grandchild, and the center of his universe.Western Europe two or three times gold aviator ray ban a year, didnt it? A pompous man, her fath gold aviator ray ban er, but Svetlana was his only child, the mother of his only grandchild, and the center of his universe. Shed never seen the face of her contact on this train, but she knew that hed seen

even a single human hair placed in a specific spot whose removal would tell the man who lived in the flat that somebody had been here. Numerous photographs were taken and rushed off for developing, and then the searchers went to work. The diary was found almost at once. Vatutin leaned down to look at the simple book that sat openly in the desk drawer to be sure that its placement wasnt secretly marked. After a minute or two, he picked it up and started reading. Colonel Vatutin was irritable. He hadnt slept well the previous night. Like most heavy drinkers, he needed a gold aviator ray ban few drinks to sleep, and the excitement of the case added to the lack of a proper sedative had gold aviator ray ban given him a fitful night of tossing and turning; it showed enough on his face to warn his team to keep their mouths shut. Camera,

office, where he briefed his section chiefs. The microphones were very sensitive. Like most sleepers, Filitov tossed and turned quite a bit in his sleep, except when dreaming, and the reel-to-reel tape recorders kept a record of the rustle of linen and the barely intelligible murmurs. Finally a new sound came through and the man with the headphones gestured to his comrades. It sounded like a sail filling with wind, and it meant that the subject was tossing the covers off gold aviator ray ban the bed. Next came the coughing. The old man had lung problems gold aviator ray ban , his medical file said. He was particularly vulnerable to colds and respiratory infections. Evidently he was coming down with something. Next he blew his nose, and the KGB men smiled at one another. It sounded like a locomotive whistle. Got him, the man on the

carrying weapons on their backs. Well rested, the guerrillas moved at once into the hills, heading north. The day had held nothing but bad news, Gerasimov noted, as h gold aviator ray ban e stared at Colonel Vatutin. What do you mean, you cannot break him? Comrade Chairman, our medical people advise me tha gold aviator ray ban t both the sensory-deprivation procedure, or any form of physical abuse torturewas no longer a word used at KGB headquartersmight kill the man. In view of your insistence on a confession, we must use . . . primitive interrogation methods. The subject is a difficult man. Mentally, he is far tougher than any of us expected, Vatutin said as evenly as he could. He would have killed for a drink at the moment. All because you bungled the arrest! Gerasimov observed coldly. I had high hopes for you, Colonel . I

that the submarine hadnt defected, and not discovered the error. The Americans had gotten an intelligence windfall, but KGB didnt know of it. Neither did GRU, but that was little comfort. And hed reported that the Americans had made a major change in their arms-negotiation strategy, and that, too, was wrong. Co gold aviator ray ban uld he survive all three disclosures at once? Gerasimov asked himself. Probably not. In another age he would have faced death, and that would have made the decision all the easier. No man chooses death, at least not a sane one, and Gerasimov was coldly sane in everything he did. But that sort of gold aviator ray ban thing didnt happen now. Hed end up with a subministerial job somewhere or other, shuffling papers. His KGB contacts would be useless to him beyond such meaningless favors as access to decent

Candi hadnt gone to work, of course gold aviator ray ban . With the arrival of the investigative team from Washington,Jenningsand Perkins were baby-sitting her. There was the remote possibility that Gregory would Page 314 escape, and in this event, it was deemed that hed call here first. There was another reason, of course, but that wasnt official yet.escape, and in this event, it was deemed that hed call here first. There was another reason, of course, but that wasnt official yet. Jenningstook several hours to note that she was wearing an outfit that actually looked feminine. She had, in fact, gone to the trouble the previous day to make herself look rather nice. Most of that was wreckage now. Once or twice shed shed tears herself when she and Candi cried together, and what had been a properly decorated face gold aviator ray ban

really think so? Vatutin didnt know one way or the other. Yes, I do. Ive had to become an expert on the arms of both camps. I know what we have, and I know what they have. Enough is enough. Once a man is d gold aviator ray ban ead, you do not need to shoot him again and again. There are better ways to spend the money. There are things that need changing. You should be careful saying that, Vatutin cautioned. Golovko had traveled too much. He had seen the West, and many RGB officers came back with tales of wonderif only theSoviet Unioncould do this, or Page 353 that, or the other thing . . . Vatutin sensed the truth of that, but was inhere gold aviator ray ban ntly a more cautious man. He was a Two man, who looked for dangers, while Golovko, of the First Chief Directorate, looked for opportunities.that, or the other thing . . .