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wind, as hed been taught, to mask his rotor noise. He called in for flares on this side of the perimeter and got a response almost instantly. The Soviets wanted every missile-shooter they could get. While the other airborne helicopter pounded the retreating mudjaheddin , this one would track down their SAM support. Despite the danger invo cheap ray ban sunglasses lved, it was a mission for which the pilot lusted. The missileers were his personal enemy. He kept clear of the known range of the Stinger and waited for the flares to light the grou cheap ray ban sunglasses nd. The Archer was again using his seeker to search for the helicopter. It was an inefficient way to search, but the Mi-24 would be somewhere in an arc that his knowledge of Soviet tactics could easily predict. Twice he got chirps and lost them as the helicopter danced left and

seeing the instant when his life ended; then waking up from death to find an Afghan bandit over him with a knife, and seeing death yet again, only to have it stop and leave. Why? This bandit, the one with the strange eyes, both har cheap ray ban sunglasses d and soft, pitiless and compassionate, wanted him to live. Why? Churkin had the time and energy to ask the question now, but they didnt give him an answer. He was riding in something. Churkin realized that he was lying on a steel deck. cheap ray ban sunglasses A truck? No, there was a flat surface overhead, and that, too, was steel. Where am I? It had to be dark outside. No light came through the gunports in the side ofhe was in an armored personnel carrier! Where did the bandits get one of those? Where were they They were taking him toPakistan! They would turn him over to . . .

was slow getting out. He walked out onto Trofimovo, a dingy thoroughfare near the river. Altunin marveled at his stupidity. Hed always told himself that if he needed to escape from the city, hed do so on a cargo barge. His father had worked on them all his life, and Eduard knew hiding places that no one could findbut the river was frozen, and barge traffic was at a stop, and he hadnt thought of it! Altunin raged at himself. There was no sense worryi cheap ray ban sunglasses ng about that now, he told himself. There had to be another way. He knew that the Moskvich auto plant was only a kilometer cheap ray ban sunglasses away, and the trains ran year round. Hed try to catch one going south, perhaps hide in a freight car filled with auto parts. With luck hed make it to Soviet Georgia, where no one would inspect his new papers all that closely.

peepholes installed in them now. Va cheap ray ban sunglasses tutin found himself grateful for the increase in burglaries, because his technicians had been able to replace the regular lens with one that allowed them to see most of the corridor. He took this post himself. We should have put microphones on the stairwells, he told himself. Make a note of that for the next time. Not all enemy spies use elevators. Mary Pat was not quite the athlete her husband was. She paused on the landing, looking up and down the stairwell and listening for any sound at all as her heart rate slowed somewhat. She checked her digital watch. Time. She open cheap ray ban sunglasses ed the firedoor and walked straight down the middle of the corridor. Page 209 Okay, Misha. I hope you remembered to set your watch last night. Last time, Colonel. Will you for Christs

who guarded this part of the embassy checked Platonovs ID scrupulouslyhis predecessor had lost his job by being so bold as to assume that he knew Platonov by sight after a mere nine months. The message cheap ray ban sunglasses , properly labeled in a sealed envelope, was in its proper cu cheap ray ban sunglasses bbyhole, and Platonov tucked it in his pocket before closing and locking the door. The KGBs Washington station was larger than that of CIA in Moscow, though not large enough to suit Platonov, since the number of people in the mission had been reduced to numerical equivalence with the American Embassy staff in the Soviet Union, something the Americans had taken years to do. He usually Page 249 summoned his section chiefs at 7:30 for their morning conference, but today he called one of his officers early.summoned his section chiefs at

That one was a patriotor thats what the poor bastard thought he was. He wanted to save the country from the Party. Vatutin shook his head in wonderment. Where do they get such ideas? Yo cheap ray ban sunglasses ur Chairman, he reminded himself, wants to do much the same thingor more accurately to save the country for the Party.Vatutin leaned against the wall for a moment while he tried to decide how similar or Page 287 how different the motivation was. He concluded quickly that this was not a proper thought for a simple counterin cheap ray ban sunglasses telligence officer. At least not yet. Filitov got his ideas from the clumsy way the Party treated his family. Well, even though the Party says it never makes mistakes, we all know differently. What a pity that Misha couldnt make that allowance. After all, the Party is all we

approach overland from the other side.approach route. The high-resolution photographs were a godse cheap ray ban sunglasses nd. T cheap ray ban sunglasses hey showed one man outside, and he was watching the road, the most likely route of approach. Hed walk around some, Paulson thought, but mostly hed watch the road. So, the observersniper team would approach overland from the other side. Probably. Ill come in this way. Marty and I can approach to within four hundred yards or so behind this ridge, then come down along here parallel to the trailer. Wheres your spot? There. Paulson tapped the best of the photos. Id say we should bring the machine gun in with us. He explained why, and everyone nodded. One more change, Werner announced. We have new Rules of Engagement. If anybody even thinks that the hostage might be in danger, the bad guys go

of the horizon. There was nothing to be seen but drifting ice on the surface. I got that one surface-surveillance radar, bearing zero-three-eight, the ESM technician announced, giving frequency and pulse characteristics, Signal is weak. Here we go, people. Mancuso lifted a phone to the bridge tube. You ready cheap ray ban sunglasses ? Yes, sir,Clarkreplied. Stand by. Good luck. The Captain replaced the phone and turned. Put her on the roof and stand by to take her down fast. It took a total of four minutes. The top of Dallas black sail broached the surface, pointing directly at the nearest Soviet radar to minimize its radar cross-section. It was more tha cheap ray ban sunglasses n tricky to hold depth. Clark, go! Right. With all the drifting ice on the water, the screen for that radar should be heavily cluttered, Mancuso thought. He watched