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Bondarenko set that aside and thought about what hed seen. What had gone wrong? It must have been thermal blooming. As the laser beams chopped through the air, theyd transferred a fractional amount of their power as heat in the atmosphere. This had roiled the air, disturbing the optical path, moving the beam on and off the target and also spreading the beam wider than its intended diameter. But despite that, it had still been powerful enough to melt metal one hundred eighty kilometers away!the Colonel told h cheap ray ban sun glasses imself. This was no failure. It was a giant leap toward a wholly new te cheap ray ban sun glasses chnology. Any damage to the system? the General asked the project director. None, otherwise wed not have gotten the follow-up image. It would appear that our atmospheric-compensation measures are sufficient for the

anything was amiss, Foley himself could abort everything. Page 118 As tense as his job was, Ed Foley found many aspects of it amusing. For one thing, the Russians themselves had made it easier by giving CARDINALan apartment on a heavily traveled street. For another, in making such a hash of the new embassy building, they prevented him and his family from living in the new compound, and that forced Foley or his wife to drive down this boulevard every night. And they were so glad to have his son on their hockey team. That was one thing hed miss on leaving this place, Foley told himself as he got out of the car. He now liked junior-league hockey better than baseball. Well, there was always soccer. He didnt cheap ray ban sun glasses want his son to play football. Too many kids go cheap ray ban sun glasses t hurt, and hed never be big enough. But

the Defense Council, further promotion meant that he considered himself in the running for the top post of all: General Secretary of the Communi cheap ray ban sun glasses st Party of the Soviet Union. As the man who wielded the sword and shield of the Party that was indeed the official motto of the KGB, he knew all there was to know about the other men in the running. His ambition, though never openly expressed, was whispered about the building, and any number of bright young KGB officers worked every day to tie their own fortunes to this rising star. A charmer, Vatutin saw. E cheap ray ban sun glasses ven now he rose from his desk and waved his visitors to chairs opposite the massive oak desk. Vatutin was a man who controlled his thoughts and emotions; he was also too honest a man to be impressed by charmers. Page 154 Gerasimov held up a

to the game. Okay, lets get another one! Heads turned briefly, mainly in amusement. Having this American a cheap ray ban sun glasses t the game was always good for a laugh. Russians find the1 exuberance of Americans immensely entertaining. Well, if shes a spy, Ill eat this camera. Think on what you just said, Comrade, the officer in charge wh cheap ray ban sun glasses ispered. The amusement in his voice died in an instant. Think on what he just said , the man told himself. Her husband, Edward Foley, is regarded by the American press as a dolt, not smart enough to be a proper reporter, certainly not good enough to be on the staff of the New York Times. The problem was, while that was the sort of cover that every real intelligence officer dreamed of, it was one naturally shared by all the government-service dolts serving every nation in the

understand, Platonov said. A problem with which you are becoming familiar, are you not? Youre remarkably well informed, Jack muttered. That is my function. I am also hungry. Perhaps you might use some of your fortune to buy me a sandwich? Ryan looked up and down the mall with professional interest. Not today. Platonov chuckled. A few of my fellow . . . a few of my comrades are busy today, more than usual, and I fear your FBI is undermanned for its surveillance task. A problem the KGB does not have, Jack observed as they moved away from the store. You might be cheap ray ban sun glasses surprised. Why do Americans assume that our intelligence organs cheap ray ban sun glasses are any different from yours? If by that you mean screwed up, I suppose its a comforting thought. How does a hot dog grab you? If its kosher, Platonov answered, then

again. This laugh was genuine. Hed just invalidated CIAs file on himselfand, he could see, Ryans own observation. His hand reache cheap ray ban sun glasses d out to pat Ryan on the upper arm. I will leave you now. In five minutes you will walk through the door behind you and to the left as though looking for the mens room. After that, you will follow instructions. Understood? He patted Ryans arm again. I will not see you again tonight. They shook hands and Golovko moved off. Oh, shit, Rya cheap ray ban sun glasses n whispered to himself. A troupe of violins came into the reception room. There must have been ten or fifteen of them, playing gypsy airs as they circulated about. They must have practiced hard, Jack thought, to play in perfect synchronization despite the dark room and their own random meanderings. Their movement and the relative

right-front reacted real strong to that. I was slow. I shoulda reacted faster. Too damned slow. Yes, maam. Pete Mendez was a young officer, and managed to makeJenningsfeel her age with that remark. He next got out rough descriptions of the other two. Then came the victim; Maybe thirty, skinny, glasses. He was wearing a jacketlike a unifor cheap ray ban sun glasses m jacket. I didnt see any insignia, but I didnt get much of a look. He had his hair cut like he was in the service, too. Dont know the eye color, either, but there was something funny . . . his eyes were shiny, like oh, the Mace smell. Maybe that was it. Maybe the cheap ray ban sun glasses y Maced him. He didnt say anything, but, like, he mouthed the words, you know? I thought that was funny, but the guy in the right-front reacted real strong to that. I was slow. I shoulda reacted

t cheap ray ban sun glasses hought, because the delegation would be leaving tomorrow night, and they had to have something to take back home from this round of talks. After all, the summit meeting was already scheduled informally. This one would be inMoscow.Moscowin the spring, Jack thought. I wonder if theyll bring me along for the signing ceremony? I wonder if therell be a treaty to sign? There had better be, Ryan concluded. Golovko watched the Americans leave, then waved for his own car, which took him to KGB headquarters. He walked directly to the Chairmans office. So what did our diplomats give away today? Gerasimov asked without preamble. I think tomorrow well make our amended proposal for inspection timing. He paused cheap ray ban sun glasses before going on. I spoke with Ryan today. He seems to have changed somewhat and I thought I