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1810 suddenly went as bright as the sun. The computer blue aviators ray ban instantly adjusted its sensitivity, but for several seconds failed to keep pace with the change in the targets temperature. What in hell hit . . . Sir, that cant be internal heat. The Captain punched up a command on his keyboard and got a digital readout of the satellites apparent temperature. Infrared radiation is a fourth-power function. The heat given off by an object is the square of the square of its temperature. Sir, the target temperature went from fifteen-C to . . . looks like eighteen hundred-C in under two seconds. Still climbing . . . wait, its droppingno, its climbing again. Rate of rise is irregular, almost like . . . Now its dropping blue aviators ray ban . What in the hell was that? To his left, the Colonel started punching buttons on his

He read slowly, memorizing as he went. For all his peasant voice and gruff words, his mind was an even sharper razor than Colonel Bondarenko believed. And as things turned out, it didnt have to be. The important part of the breakthrough blue aviators ray ban appeared simple enough, not a matter of increasing the size of the lasing cavity, but of adapting its shape to the magnetic field. With the proper shape, size could be increased almost at will . . . and the new limiting factor became a part of the superconducting magnetic-pulse-control assembly. Misha sighed. The West had done it yet again. TheSoviet Uniondid not have the proper materials. So, as usual, the KGB had secured them in the West, this time shipped throughCzechoslovakiaviaSweden. Wouldnt they ever learn blue aviators ray ban ? The report concluded that the other

was a simple thing to get Filitovs. The file was a thick one, he saw fifteen minutes later. Vatutin realized that he actually knew little about the man. As with most war heroes, exploits performed in a brief span of minutes had expanded to cover a blue aviators ray ban whole life. But no life was ever that simple. Vatutin started reading the file. Little of it had to do with his war record, though that was covered in full, including the citations for all of his medals. As personal aide to three successive defense ministers, Misha had been through rigorous security Page 152 screenings, some of which Filitov knew about, some of which not. These papers were also in order, of course. He turned to the next bundle.screenings, some of blue aviators ray ban which Filitov knew about, some of which not. These papers were also in order, of

too hard. The Defense Minister chuckled, then waved for his security people to go ahead. We never had a rink out where I grew upand the truth is I was too clumsy as a child. Tanks were perfect for meyoure expected to destroy things with them. Misha laughed. So how blue aviators ray ban good is this team? I like the junior le blue aviators ray ban ague better than the real ones, Colonel Filitov answered. Moremore exuberant. I suppose I just like to see children having a good time. Indeed. There werent many seats around the rinkand besides, what real hockey fan wanted to sit? Colonel Filitov and Marshal Yazov found a convenient place near some of the parents. Their Soviet Army greatcoats and glistening shoulder boards guaranteed them both a good view and breathing space. The four security people hovered about, trying not to look too

might that be, Mr. Trent? You might be surprised. Nothing you do would surprise me, pal. That may be, but youve surprised us. Dr. Ryan. We didnt think you were a crook, and we didnt think you were dumb enough to be involved in that disaster, I guess we were wrong. Youre wrong about a lot of things, Jack hi blue aviators ray ban ssed. You know something, Ryan? For the life of me I cant figure just what the hell kind of a man you are. Thats no surprise. So, what kind of man are you, Ryan?Trentinquired. You know, Congressman, this is a unique experience for me, Jack observed lightheartedly. Hows that? Ryans manner changed abruptly. His voice boomed across the room. Ive never had my manhood questioned by a queer before! Sorry, pal . . . The room went very quiet.Tr blue aviators ray ban entmade no secret of his orientation, had gone public

advances. Bisyarina marveled at that. Beatrice Taussig was brilliant in her w blue aviators ray ban ay, certainly brighter than the KGB officer who ran her, but she knew so little about people. The crowning irony was that she was very much like that blue aviators ray ban Alan Gregory man she so detested. Prettier, more sophisticated though Taussig was, she lacked the capacity to reach out when she needed to. Gregory had probably done it only once in his life, and that was the difference between him and her. He had gotten there first because Beatrice had lacked the courage. It was just as well, Bisyarina knew. The rejection would have destroyed her. It was still hard to turn her face toward the head on her shoulder and kiss the cheek that was salty with tears both old and new. Bisyarina breathed easier at the realization that she

your correct address? Thats why we spend all that money on signs, Mr. Taylor. Is this your correct address? I wish everybody was that cooperative, the officer observed. Not e blue aviators ray ban veryone was, and he decided to see what this polite fellow looked like. He looked at the photograph on the license and bent down to make sure it was the right person. He shined the light in Bobs face. It was the same face, but . blue aviators ray ban . . What the hell is that smell? Mace, the officer knew an instant later. The light swiveled The people in the car looked normal enough, two in the frond two in the back, and . . . one of the people in the back wearing what looked like a uniform jacket . . . Gregory wondered if his life was really on the line. He decided that hed find out, and prayed the policeman was alert. In back, the one on

and trooped out of the room with everyone else. He selected a cup of tea, just to be different, and decora blue aviators ray ban ted his saucer with finger food. So, Ryan, what do you think? It was Golovko. Is this business or socializing? Jack asked. The latter, if you wish. Jack walked to the nearest w blue aviators ray ban indow and looked out. One of these days , he promised himself, I will see something of Moscow . They must have something here thats worth snapping a few pictures. Maybe peace will break out someday and Ill be able to bring the family over . . .He turned. But not today, not this year, nor the year after that. Too bad. Sergey Nikolayevich, if the world made sense, people like you and me would sit down and hammer all this crap out in two or three days. Hell, you and I know that both sides want to cut inventories by