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began running to the left. He made it a hundred meters when he stopped and looked again for the Soviet transport. It was moving now, through the black showers of dirt, bouncing across the frozen, uneven ground as it accelerated. The Archer stood to give the missile a better look at the target, and immediately the seeker chirped on finding the hot engines against the cold, moonless night. V-One, the copilot shouted over the noise of battle and engines. His eyes were locked on the instruments while the pilot fought to hold the aircraft straight. V-R rotate! The pilot eased back on the yoke. The nose came up, and the An-26 took a final bounce off the hard dirt strip. The copilot instantly retracted the landing gear to reduce drag, allowing black ray ban glasses the plane to speed up that much Page black ray ban glasses 95 quicker. The

sentenced to black ray ban glasses a lengthy term in a labor camp of strict regime. It is even possible that we can use you to uncover more spies. If so, you will be sent to a camp of moderate regime, for a lesser term. But for that to happen, you must cooperate, today. I will explain. If you return to your normal life at once, the people for whom you work may not know that we have arrested you. They will, therefore, continue to make use of you, and this will enable us to use you to catch them in the act of spying against theSoviet Union. You would testify in the trial against them, and this will allow the State to show mercy. To show such me black ray ban glasses rcy in public is also useful to the State. But for all this to happen, to save your life, and to atone for your crimes, you must cooperate, today. The voice paused for a

minutes he was soaked and shivering. A Royal Navy tug approached and took station off Dallas por black ray ban glasses t bow, leading her in to the loch while Mancuso came to terms with the rolling. One of his best-kept professional secrets was an occasional touch of seasickness. Being on the sail helped, but those inside the submarines cylindrical hull were now regretting the heavy lunch served a few hours earlier. Within an hour they were in sheltered waters, taking the S-turns into the base that supported British and American nuclear submarines. Once there, the wind helped, easing the slate-gray bulk of the submarine up to the pier. People were black ray ban glasses already waiting there, sheltered in a few cars as the lines were passed and secured by the submarines deck crew. As soon as the brow was passed, Mancuso went below to

strangled trying not to laugh. Every time before a job , he thought. It wasnt that he minded. He did find it a little odd, though. Ed nearly strangled trying not to laugh. Every time before a job , he thought. It wasnt that he minded. He did find it a little odd, though. Mary Pat Foley woke up at her customary six-fifteen. It was still dark outside, and she wondered how much of her grandfathers character had been formed by the cold and the dark of the Russian winters . . . and how much of hers. Like most Americans assigned toMoscow, she thoroughly hated the idea of listening d black ray ban glasses evices in her walls. She occasionally black ray ban glasses took perverse pleasure in them, as she had the previous night, but then there was also the thought that the Soviets had placed them in the bathroom, too. That seemed like

were frayed, and something else was coming loose as Vatutin watched. You know youre losing, Filitov. What is the point, Misha?part of him asked. He has timehe controls time. Hell use all he needs to break you. Hes winning. You know that, despair told him. Tell me, Comrade Captain, why do you ask yourself such foolish things? Why do you ne black ray ban glasses ed to explain to yourself why you are a man?asked a familiar voice. All the way from Brest-Litovsk to Vyasma we knew we were losing, but I never quit, and neither did you. If you can defy the German Army, certainly you can defy this city-soft slug of a chekist! Page 246 Thank you, Romanov. Thank you, Romanov. Vatutin saw that something had changed. The eyes black ray ban glasses blinked clear, and the weary old back straightened. What is sustaining you? Hate? Do you so detest

waved his hand, looking in annoyanc black ray ban glasses e at the way it shook. I have never had much respect for the chekisti . When 1 was leading my men, they were therebehind us. They were very efficient at shooting prisonersprisoners that real soldiers had taken. They were also rather good at murdering people whod been forced to retreat. I even remember one case where a chekist lieutenant took command of a tank troop and led it into a fucking swamp. At least the Germans I killed wer black ray ban glasses e men, fighting men. I hated them, but I could respect them for the soldiers they were. Your kind, on the other hand . . . perhaps we simple soldiers never really understood who the enemy was. Sometimes I wonder who has killed more Russians, the Germansor people like you? Vatutin was unmoved. The traitor Penkovskiy recruited you,

frame. Yep, thats a person. The man was about six feet, athletic, with dark hair and a shadow on his face suggesti black ray ban glasses ng that hed neglected to shave today. No gun was visible. There were thirty usable frames of the site, eight of which were blown up to poster size. These went to the hangar with the UH-1N. Gus Werner was there. He didnt like rush jobs any more than the people in that trailer did, but his choices were as limited as theirs had been. So, Colonel Filitov, we now have you to 1976. Dmitri Fedoro black ray ban glasses vich brought me with him when he became Defense Minister. It simplified things, of course. And increased your opportunities, Vatutin observed. Yes, it did. There were no recriminations now, no accusations, no comments on the nature of the crime that Misha had committed. They were past that for

it was something that hed never witnessed. Page 360 The motorcade left ten minutes later and made its way south to the Foreign Ministry, repeating the route that nearly encapsulated Ryans slim knowledge of this city of eight million souls. One by one the car black ray ban glasses s curved onto the small traffic circle and their occupants were guided into the building. This reception was not nearly as elaborate as the last one in the Kremlin had black ray ban glasses been, but this session had not accomplished quite as much. The next one would be a bear, as the summit deadline approached, but the next session was scheduled to be in Washington. The reporters were already waiting, mainly print, with a few TV cameras present. Someone approached Jack as soon as he handed off his topcoat. The motorcade left ten minutes later and made its