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was time for work. What gives, sir? We have a videotape from Cobra Belle. They were up to monitor a Soviet ICBM test. Their birdit was a 55mm ray ban n SS-25blew, but the mission commander decided to stay up and play with his toys. This is what he saw. The General lifted the remote-control for the VCR and thumbed the Play button. Page 84 Thats Cosmos-1810, Art Graham said, handing over a photograph. Its a recon bird that went bad on them. Thats Cosmos-1810, Art Graham said, handing over a photogra 55mm ray ban ph. Its a recon bird that went bad on them. What had been a single dot of light blossomed like an exploding star in a science-fiction movie. But this wasnt science fiction. The picture changed as the computerized imaging system fought to keep up with the energy burst. At the bottom of the screen a digital

been killed. Hed heard enough stories inMoscowabout how the Afghans treated captives . . . and was that why you volunteered to handle this tour in addition to your own . . . ? He wondered now at his fate, and how hed brought it about. You cannot die, Valeriy Mikhailovich 55mm ray ban , you must live. You have a wife, and she has suffered enough, he told himself. Already she is going through . . . The thought stopped of its own accord. The Captain slid the photo into a breast pocket and surrendered himself to the beckoning unconsciousness as his body labored to heal itself. He didnt wake as he was bound to a board and placed aboard a travois. The Archer led his party off. Misha woke with the sounds of battle reverberating through his head. It was still dark 55mm ray ban outsidethe sun would not rise for some timeand

having to chase after any baggage. His fiancée was waiting for him. How was Washington? she asked after the usual welcome-home kiss. Never changes. They ran me all over the place. I guess they figure scientific types dont ever sleep. He took her hand for the walk out to the car. So what happened? she asked when they were outside. The Russians ran a big test. He stopped to look around. This was a technical violation of securitybut Candi was part of the team, wasnt she? They slagged down a satellite with the ground-based lasers at Dushanbe. Whats left looks like a plastic model that got put in the oven. Thats bad, Dr. Long observed. Sure is, Dr. Gregory agreed. But the 55mm ray ban y have op 55mm ray ban tical problems. Blooming and jitter both. Its for sure they dont have anybody like you over there to build mirrors.

He flipped back a few frames. Right before the embraces her hand had been in her coat pocket. Around the Defense Minister, it was balled into a fist. After Filitov, it was open again, and still her eyes were on the security guard, a smile on her face that was very Russian indeed, one that stopped at the lipsbut in the next frame, she was back to her normal, flighty self. In that moment he was sure. Son of a bitch, he whispered to himself. How long have the Foleys been here?He searched his weary memory but couldnt dredge it up. Over two years at leastand we didnt know, we didnt even suspect. . . what if its only her? That was a thoughtwhat if she were a spy and her husband were not? He rejected the idea out of hand, and was Pa 55mm ray ban ge 55mm ray ban 195 correct, but for the wrong reason. He reached for the

Agency isnt backing me up like they should. Theyre throwing me to the fucking dogs. Not a damned thing I can do about it, either. Jack finished off the hot dog. One can always take action, Platonov suggested. Revenge? Ive thought of that. I could go to the papers, but the Post is going to run a story about 55mm ray ban the SEC thing. Somebody on the Hill is orchestrating the hanging party.Trent, I suppose. I bet he put that reporter on me last night, too, the bastard. If I try to get the real word out, well, wholl listen? Christ, Im putting my tight little ass on the line just sitting here with you, Sergey. Why do you say that? Why dont you guess? Ryan allowed himself a smi 55mm ray ban le that ended abruptly. Im not going to go to jail. Id Page 236 rather die than have to disgrace myself like that. God damn it, Ive

planned, but rather that GRU security had been penetrated and that the submarine had been issued bogus orders after her engines had been sabotaged. That information came to you through Agent Cassius. He works for us, Jack explained. You used it to disgrace Admiral Gorshkov and to reinforce your control over the militarys internal security, Theyre still angry about that, arent they? So, if we do not get Colonel Filitov back, this coming week inWashingtona story will be leaked to the press for the Sunday editions. It will have some of the details of the operation, and a photograph of the submarine sitting in a covered drydock inNorfolk, Virginia. After that we will produce Captain Ramius. Hell say that the ships polit 55mm ray ban ical officerone of your Department Three men, I believewas part o 55mm ray ban f the

asylum. Though it would have ended their personal dangers, it would mean betraying their country. What you do here is your account, but I will not kill my agent, A 55mm ray ban nn said, ending discussion of the issue. Ill get you out. 55mm ray ban How? I dont know yet. By car, I think, but I will have to come up with something new. Perhaps not a car. Perhaps a truck, she mused. There were lots of trucks out here, and it was not the least unusual for a woman to drive one. Take a van across the border, perhaps? A van with boxes in it . . . Gregory in a box, drugged or gagged . . . perhaps all of them . . . what are customs procedures like for such things? Shed Page 309 never had to worry about that before. With a weeks warning, as she would have had for a proper operation, shed have had time to answer a lot of

shook his head. We have less than a hundred shells. They must go on the guard barracks. If we can kill all of the sleeping soldiers, so much the easier for us when we get inside. If the machine-gunners in those towers see us coming, half of our men will be dead before the guards wake Page 348 up, the Major pointed o 55mm ray ban ut.up, the Major pointed out.The wind gusted at them, and both men knew that theyd have to find shelter soon or risk frostbite. Damn this cold! the Major swore. Do you think the towers are cold also? the Archer asked after a moment. Even worse. They are more exposed than we. How will the Russian soldiers be dressed? The Major chuckled. The same as weafter 55mm ray ban all, were all wearing their clothing, are we not? The Archer nodded, searching for the thought that hovered at the edge of