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together, com 52mm ray ban wayfarer ing almost vertical with the ground as they tracked after a target sitting above the jagged, mountainous horizon. On the next knoll over, the four mirrors of the imaging array did the same. Outside, alarm klaxons sounded, and rotating hazard lights warned everyone in the open to turn away from the laser building. On the TV screen next to the chief engineers console sat a photograph of Cosmos-1810. As the final assurance against mistakes, he and three others had to make positive visual identification of their target. That ones Cosmos-1810, the Captain was telling the Colonel 52mm ray ban wayfarer aboard Cobra Belle. Broken recon bird. Must have had a reentry-motor failureit didnt come back down when they told it to. Its in degenerating orbit, should have about four more months left. The satellites

he was interested in what was under what was under, she thought to herself, smiling. I sleep better when hes here. Whered he go? Taussig asked. Washington. She yawned. The rising sun cast shadows on the road ahead. How come? Bea downshifted as she accelerated the car up the freeway on-ramp. Candi felt herself pressed sideways against the seat belt. 52mm ray ban wayfarer Why did her friend have to drive this way? This wasnt the Grand Prix of Monaco. He said that somebody ran a test, and he has to explain it to somebody or other. Hmph. Beatrice looked at her mirror and left the car in third as she 52mm ray ban wayfarer selected a slot in the rush-hour traffic. She matched velocities expertly and slid into a space only ten feet longer than her Z-car. That earned her an angry beep from the car behind. She just smiled. The nondriving

him to be more carefulbut then he might Page 151 destroy the data that Langley was screaming for, and the data was paramount. That was the rule, a rule that Filitov knew and understood, supposedly as well as Foley did. But spies were 52mm ray ban wayfarer more than objects that provided information, werent they?destroy the data that Langley was screaming for, and the data was paramount. That was the rule, a rule that Filitov knew and understood, supposedly as well as Foley did. But spies were more than objects that provided information, werent they? Bu 52mm ray ban wayfarer t how? Counterespionage operations were often nothing more than police work, and as a result of this, Colonel Vatutin knew as much about the business of investigation as the best men in the Moscow Militia. Svetlana had given him the manager of the dry-cleaning

shallow, pretty but superficial, a good mother but little more, quick with her Western display of emotions but not to be taken very seriously. Scurrying about as she did, substitute-teaching occasionally at the kids school, attending various social functions, and endlessly wandering about like a perpetual tourist, she fitted perfectly the preconceived Soviet notion of an American female bubblehead. One more smile in the mirror: If the bastards only knew. Eddie was already waiting impatiently, his hockey stick jerking up and down at the drab carpet in the living room. Ed had the TV on. He kissed his wife goodbye, a 52mm ray ban wayfarer nd told Eddie to kick assthe senior Foley had been a Rangers fan before he learned to read. It was a little sad, Ma 52mm ray ban wayfarer ry Pat thought on the elevator. Eddie had made some real friends

off. Really? Page 229 Yes, I killed a Chinese agent on Tuesday and you always get a day off with pay for that sort of thing, he said seriously, then grinned. Youre kidding! Thats right, Im kidding. Please forget that I ever said it. Who is this averaged bimbo? he wondered. What about the reports that youre under investigation? another person asked. Jack turned in 52mm ray ban wayfarer surprise. And who might you be? Scott Browning, Chicago Tribune . He didnt offer to shake hands. The game had just begun. The reporter didnt know that he was a player, but Ryan did. Could you run that one by me again? Jack said politely. My sources tell me that youre being investigated for illegal stock transactions. Its news to me, Jack replied. I know that youve met with investigators fro 52mm ray ban wayfarer m the SEC, the reporter announced. If you

the idea of the two young people living together without the appropriate paperwork. She was a little old-fashioned about that herself, but it didnt make either one of them a security risk. On the other hand She lives alone. Im sure. It would 52mm ray ban wayfarer take time to look at every senior staffer at Tea Clipper, but you couldnt rush this kind of investigation. You shouldnt have come here, Tania observed at once. Bisyarinas face didnt show her rage. She took Taussigs hand and brought her inside. Ann, its just so awful! Come sit down. Were you followed? Idiot! 52mm ray ban wayfarer Pervert! Shed just gotten out of the shower, and was dressed in a bathrobe, with a towel over her hair. No, I watched all the way. Sure, Bisyarina thought. She would have been surprised to learn that it was true. Despite the lax security at Tea

that he was grateful to see the red, white, and blue shield that informed him the interstate was half a mile ahead. Now he br 52mm ray ban wayfarer eathed easier. Whats the trouble? Lenny finally asked from the back. Bob replied in Russian. Had to change routes, he said in a tone far more relaxed than 52mm ray ban wayfarer hed felt only a few minutes earlier. In turning to reply, he missed a sign. There was the overpass. The green signs announced that he could go north or south. He wanted to go south, and the exit ramp would be In the wrong place. He was in the right lane, but the exit went to the left, and was only fifty meters ahead. He swerved across the highway without looking. Immediately behind him, an Audi driver stood on his brakes and jammed his hand on the horn. Bob ignored the irrelevancy as he took the left turn onto the

Every officer sent to be on the inspection teams would be a spook, perhaps with the odd line-officer thrown in to take note of thin 52mm ray ban wayfarer gs that only an operator would notice. It was amazing. After thirty years ofU.S.demands, the Soviets had finally accepted the idea that both sides should allow officially recognized spying. When that happened, during the previous round of talks on intermediate weapons, the American reaction had been stunned suspicion Why were the Russians agreeing to our terms? Why did they say yes? What are they really trying to do? But it was progress, once you got used to the idea. Both sides would have a way of knowing what the other did and what the other had. Neith 52mm ray ban wayfarer er side would trust the other. Both intelligence communities would see to that. Spies would still be prowling